Hartford Hospital • Hartford, CT
This is one of Connecticut’s largest hospitals with an enormous physical plant and thousands of physicians and employees. Custom Electric, Inc. is presently doing electrical, data communication and environmental control wiring of this facility.
Mariner Health • New London, CT
Mariner Health is a nationally known corporation which supplies quality health care facilities including rehabilitation services to a wide range of clients. Custom Electric, Inc. is presently Mariner’s sole provider of data and telecommunication installations across the country. Some of our projects included facilities in Flordia, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Georgia.
United Technologies – Pratt & Whitney Division • East Hartford, CT
Custom Electric, Inc. worked with Pratt & Whitney, Hamilton Standard, Carrier Corporation and International Fuel Cells, all of which are divisions of United Technologies. These corporations are just another example of Custom Electric’s ability to serve some of the country’s largest and most prestigious firms.
Manchester Police Department • Manchester, CT
Custom Electric, Inc. was the prime electrical contractor for this most prestigious project, one of Connecticut’s newest state-of-the-art law enforcement facilities. We installed sophisticated systems such as emergency generators that supply backup power to safety equipment including a state-of-the-art UPS critical power system. This project had a very ambitious schedule but it was completed on time with no additional cost overruns.